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Kenneth Patterson



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KLP Consulting has been serving the business community for over 12 years. Kenneth Patterson has been serving businesses for over 22 years. Choose the right choice for your business technology needs.

Let KLP Consulting, Inc. lock down your valuables with a new security system and alarm monitoring.

We can handle anything in size from large to small. Professionals with over 20 years of experience in security system installations.

Alabama Electronic Security Board of Licensure Permit # 11-1418



Did something happen to your hard drive and you didn't have a backup?

Do you need your data recovered?

Did you accidently erase or loose your files and now you can't find them?

Do you know for sure that your backups are good?



Need someone to help when you get a virus or get something unanswered pop up on your computer?

Want to speak with someone on the other side of the world who can't speak English? Call Dell and see how quickly you hear the word reformat and loose your data.

Get your data recovered virus free. Get your PC cleaned up and running like it was when you first got it. Speak to someone local.


Want one of the best Virus Security package out on the market? Eset security software provides the smallest memory footprint of all virus security packages.

Eset NOD32 Antivirus and Internet Security Software provides your business with Server based administration for all of your workstations.

Need a good Antivirus or Security Package for home. AVG is proven to be one of the best

Call KLP Consulting, Inc, your authorized Eset and AVG dealer.

Ready for your Windows 7 upgrade? Don't know which operating system is best for your business?

Windows 7 - Your PC Simplified

Need new office software for your business?

Having problems opening new 2010 documents? Need Multi-Office licenses?




Dell and HP Authorized Business Partner for Sales and Service

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Need a new laptop for your son or daughter? Need a new desktop computer for your business?

Having problems making out the differences between gigabyte and gigahertz?


Need your data transferred over from an old computer to a new computer?



You don't need to spend hours copying CD after CD.

Need support for your existing desktop computers and software? Need someone to talk your language or work with you to understand what went wrong? How many times have you sit on hold with support wasting your time when you could have someone local that knows those answers.



With proven experience in the Banking, Medical, Industrial, Real Estate, Retail, Dental, City and County Government fields.

Need to get a new server for your business? Not sure what kind of hardware will be best for your needs?

Need someone local to talk to who will understand your needs?



Need to upgrade your existing server or find out why it's so slow?

Home Sales and Service Web Hosting and Design Networking & Cabling Contacts Us